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London Mortgage Shop have been providing proven cost-effective solutions to clients with great and poor credit scores. We pride ourselves on supplying the best possible service to our clients by using credit repair solutions and regularly looking out the lowest rates in Canada. We can appreciate the subtleties of your specific requirements. We make a point of treating every single one of our clients as an individual who needs a mortgage solution designed just for them. If you are considering refinancing your existing mortgage or buying a second home we will gladly use every resource at our disposal to help you achieve your goals

Our Mortgage Specialist concentrates on clients with a bad credit score rating and unverifiable income. We have accessibility OVER 200 PRIVATE LENDERS we can offer financial loans to clients that most other lenders can’t help. These private lenders are people like you who choose to invest in Mortgage Loans instead of the other investments. They want to help hard working people that through no error of their own have some credit score issues or income problems.

We have quick and simple application process that saves time and money. We are able to constantly secure low rate mortgage solutions with financial institutions for individuals with bad credit and cash employment. We can offer you first, second, third financial loans. Even if you are months behind on your present house you need not despondency, we can help.

Our Mortgage Specialist will offer you with a number of essential sources and services that will get you back on track. The information on this website will explain the various types of funding available along with the benefits and inevitable drawbacks in information. All of this is available to you for free.

If you have a particular question, then please contact us directly and we will be pleased to assist you. By contacting us via e-mail or phone you can obtain yourself of our expert company and decades of acquired information. This will allow you to make a recommended choice when it comes to your mortgage choices.

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